Dear Dedicated RES Staff,

There's nothing like a PTO Leaf Peepers breakfast to make you appreciate our community even more!  It was an amazing turnout!  The parents were there at the crack of dawn to get things going, and that doesn't count all the hours they put in before getting the bacon cooked!  Without the PTO's funding, our students would not have many of the opportunities they do.  As your students are practicing writing this week, perhaps some "Thank you" letters could be written from the students.   

KUDOS to STAFF Who "Stepped Up":   Pam B. for volunteering to clean up from the Leaf Peeper's Breakfast and donating fruit to the breakfast!Amy H. for coming in and washing dishes!Lisa K., SeƱora Elaine, Liza, and Libbet who came and ate and supported the breakfast with their dollars and presence! Important Items to Know:
Professional Guidelines  - In the absence of a staff manual, I will be covering various topics over the next few weeks in the blo…


Dear Caring RES Staff,

The fall colors are so beautiful.  I read recently that our glorious leaf change helps us get through "stick season" and the winter, and I hadn't thought of it that way but it's certainly true!  I hope you each have a rejuvenating weekend! 

KUDOS to STAFF Who "Stepped Up":   The "library elf" who helped reorganize the library annex off the 1/2 classroom and helped us gain a place for meetings!  Pam for volunteering her classroom for Thursday's SU leadership meeting! Libby for all her flexibility and willingness to have lunch with students who are struggling!   Important Items to Know:
Message from Nurse Chick - Please read the attached guidelines for nurse visits from Jean.  If students are coming to the office, they are missing class time.   Sometimes students need a break from class, and a nurse visit is a good way to get one.  As adults, we've learned to "self-monitor," and we have to teach students to do the…


Dear Dedicated RES Staff,

We are small, but have mighty members.  Let's be kind to one another and breathe before we speak.  We don't tolerate attitude from our students, we should not tolerate them it each other. We are all going through stress carrying our own struggles.  Employee Assistance Program is a FREE program able to support us through difficult times.  It's helpful to share our burdens with an objective party and no one knows you've accessed it.  Flyers will be in your mailboxes this week.  Enjoy this beautiful weather.

KUDOS to STAFF Who "Stepped Up":   Pam for volunteering her classroom for Thursday's SU leadership meeting! Heather for nourishing our souls, minds, and bodies with her "concrete poems activity" and incredible food!Sherry for being so dependable and calm in spite of the storms!   Important Items to Know:
1st Aid/CPR Training - We will be offering a first/aid certification course here at RES on Tuesdays, Oct 3 and 10.   Plea…

RES PRINCIPAL'S BLOG TO STAFF - Sun., Sept. 24, 2017

Dear Dedicated RES Staff,
So I'm writing this in California where I am picking up my 74 yr. old sister to bring her back to Vermont to my home.  This hustle and bustle of traveling and LAX airport are a good reminder of how blessed we are to have our calm, little red school house where we are growing tomorrow's leaders.  I want to personally thank you for your sacrifice and effort on behalf of tomorrow's citizens   I will see you'all on Wed. On the way here I was e-mailing from 35,000 feet up to Sherry, so I'm in touch even if I'm not there physically.  I'm blessed to have such a supportive and competent staff!

KUDOS to STAFF Who "Stepped Up":   Kathi and Pam for turning in their goals on time.Every class who is actively and happily participating in the school wide PBIS program.Joan for being flexible with her schedule and having a great attitude about us changing it! Important Items to Know:
Goals -ALL STAFF are expected to complete your goal on the a…

RES PRINCIPAL'S BLOG TO STAFF - Sun., Sept. 17, 2017

Dear Incredible RES Staff,
I hope everyone rested up over the weekend, that first 5 day week is exhausting.  I've seen lots of great learning over the last week at school.  Your time behind the scenes really shows and is deeply appreciated by all!  

KUDOS to STAFF Who "Stepped Up":   Jen and Liza for all  their hard work preparing the students for Agricultural Education Day at Tunbridge.Leticia, Kathi, and Pam for attending the PBIS meeting.Lisa and Patty for leading "Reading Runners."  Everyone who is noticing respectful behavior and acknowledging students' behaviors with "Respect Tiles."   Important Items to Know:
Goals - Please complete your goal on the attached Google Form as requested by our Superintendent.  Please complete this by Fri., Sept. 22.  All staff are expected to do this.  Please see me with questions.
Duty Change - So the paraeducators who return at 11:30 after their lunch, have the following duties:  Joan will cover the office phones f…