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Dear Dedicated and Hardworking Staff,

Hope your weekend was productive and rejuvenating!  I'm so proud to work with such an AMAZING, CARING STAFF!

KUDOS to STAFF Who "Stepped Up":   Patty and Jenn for volunteering to help with lunch duty while Cathy was away.All of you who are flexible and do whatever it takes to help a child succeed! Everyone who handed out band-aids and water to students instead of sending them down to Teacher Libbet.  Important Items to Know:

CONCERNS - We all have big hearts and nothing but the best of intentions.  RES only has a .80 principal, so I am not here one day a week USUALLY. Last week was an unusual week because I had 2 SU Admin. days.  

I have instructed Libbet to call me if there is a need in my absence. Supporting RES staff and students in my absence is my priority. IF there is something that comes up and it's "important" but not urgent, please add it to the Staff Meeting Agenda and we will discuss it as a group. If you are…

PRINCIPAL'S BLOG TO STAFF - Sun., Sept. 18, 2016

Dear Dedicated and Hardworking Staff,

I hope all of you had an amazing weekend!  I have been sitting on a deck overlooking the ocean in Maine - working, but with the sound of the ocean, I don't mind at all.  It's rainy here today though but working under the umbrella on the deck!   Enjoy your Sunday!  

KUDOS to STAFF Who "Stepped Up":   Heather for the scrumptious and healthy food she provides!SeƱora for volunteering to stay and help with lunch duty Friday!The Kindergarten class for pasting Box Tops onto the worksheets for us!  All of you for understanding the lack of subs on Friday!     Important Items to Know:

SUB PLANS - All staff should leave sub plans with a detailed schedule when you are out. This helps those of us behind do our jobs! Thanks!

STUDENT BOO BOO'S & SICKNESS - Please feel free to hand out band-aids in your room and ask the children to have a glass of water or two and rest in your room quietly before they have to come visit Teacher Libbet. If…


Dear Dedicated and Hardworking Staff,

This will be a weekly event so that we can keep the channels of communication open.    It's been a great seven day so far!  Lots of amazing learning occurring!  This is the FIRST 5 day week, and so please pace yourself!  By Friday, we'll all be tuckered out IF we don't take care of ourselves this week!  This is the students' first 5 day week as well, so please keep that in mind as you plan your day on Thursday and Friday.  

There have been several concerns expressed over the need for serious revision of the Dress Code.  As it stands now, BEFORE addressing a dress code issue with a child, please chat with Mrs. Knight OR Libbet if she's not here  1st.  The revised Dress Code is on a Google Doc and will be shared with you.  Please make your comments on it and let's discuss so we can publish the student-parent handbook.

KUDOS to STAFF Who "Stepped Up":   Sheri and Liza for all their work doing morning and lunch duty!Beth …