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Dear Resilient Staff,

Last week was a tough week for many of us.  This past weekend was an emotional one for many of us as we grieved together at the various services for Stephen, as well as at his celebration of life at the school.  Being a school employee, we all have access to "EAP" - Employee Assistance Program, a free and confidential service, to help us all through the grieving. There's a card on the staff bulletin board if you need the number.   (If you're participating in PATH, there's also a bonus of points....)  Please take care of yourselves AND each other.   Spring IS coming and with it, it's healing powers of mud and birds singing!  

KUDOS to STAFF Who "Stepped Up":   Elaine "SeƱor" who volunteered to help with a  busy lunch Friday.Lisa, Libbet, Pam, and Liza for attending the CPR course Thursday night to help keep us safe!Pam B. and Lisa who helped us clean up Saturday after Stephen's Celebration of Life reception.Important …

RES PRINCIPAL'S BLOG TO STAFF - Sun., March 19, 2017

Dear Tenacious Staff,

Looks like we'll have a five-day week this time!  1st day of Spring on Tuesday.  Routines and consistency really make the difference!  Pace yourself and drink lots of water!

KUDOS to STAFF Who "Stepped Up":   All of you who wore green and enthusiastically helped share the joy of the leprechauns on Friday!Kathi, Lisa, Libbet, Pam, and Liza for attending the 1st Aid course Thursday night to help keep us safe!Pam B. who always takes a radio outside with her when her class is outside or if she is on duty.  Important Items to Know:
Interesting Article -   As you know I'm taking two grad classes right now, this article was an assignment in my UVM library class last week.  Though many of you excel at classroom management, it had some interesting points and is a quick and enjoyable read.

Recess/Outside Activity - For safety sake, please make sure that there is a radio outside with the lead staff member on duty.  Keeping communication open between the office/…

RES PRINCIPAL'S BLOG to STAFF - Sun., March 12, 2017

Dear Resilient Staff,

We hope to have a five day week this week, but that depends on the weather it seems.   Thanks again for all you do to provide rigorous and relevant instruction to our students!

KUDOS to STAFF Who "Stepped Up":   Staff who volunteered at the Mama Mia dinner - Kathi F., Beth Ann, Pam, and Jen.  Staff who cooked for the Mama Mia dinner - Sherry and Beth Ann.Staff who came and at at the Mama Mia dinner - Important Items to Know:
Guidance - Due to AOE licensing issues, Shajen has moved on to other opportunities and we wish her the best.  In the meantime, I am researching extra mindfulness times.  I am willing to do "Social Thinking" and PBIS lessons with your classes during your normal guidance times.  Please let me know if you would like that.  PLEASE do not mention anything to the students at this time.  There are some students who will need to be told individually that were very close to her.  

PBIS - Please see Pam or Cathy with questions that you h…


Dear Tireless Staff,

The conference that I was blessed to attend last week in Greensboro, NC, was life-changing.  I was with 46 other principals from Vermont and it's always so interesting to hear other's dilemmas.  We have our challenge with Act 46, but we are so blessed in countless other ways.  We are so blessed that we have a community and families who support us.  The Town Meeting yesterday may have had some negative viewpoints, but overall it was supportive.  The School Budget for next year passed 69 yes to 14 no's.  

KUDOS to STAFF Who "Stepped Up":   Beth Ann for helping Sat. at the Town Meeting by her daughter providing child care and Beth Ann for bringing coffee and donut holes to help me.All of you who provided stability on Thurs.Jen for her assistance with NAEP!Pam for working with the 3rd graders during the NAEP test!  Shajen for coming in on Monday to help cover in my absence!  Important Items to Know:

March 6, 2017 Inservice Day -  Inservice with Aimee …