RES PRINCIPAL'S BLOG TO STAFF - Sun., March 19, 2017

Dear Tenacious Staff,

Looks like we'll have a five-day week this time!  1st day of Spring on Tuesday.  Routines and consistency really make the difference!  Pace yourself and drink lots of water!

KUDOS to STAFF Who "Stepped Up":  
  • All of you who wore green and enthusiastically helped share the joy of the leprechauns on Friday!
  • Kathi, Lisa, Libbet, Pam, and Liza for attending the 1st Aid course Thursday night to help keep us safe!
  • Pam B. who always takes a radio outside with her when her class is outside or if she is on duty.  
Important Items to Know:

Interesting Article -   As you know I'm taking two grad classes right now, this article was an assignment in my UVM library class last week.  Though many of you excel at classroom management, it had some interesting points and is a quick and enjoyable read.

Recess/Outside Activity - For safety sake, please make sure that there is a radio outside with the lead staff member on duty.  Keeping communication open between the office/nurse's office and outside group is crucial.   Thanks for your help with this.

Lights Out - In an effort to keep our electricity costs down, we ask that you turn off lights in the copier room, nurse's office, inside your classroom, etc.  when you are not in there.  We are in the process of getting the lights rewired so the whole school won't be "on" when you are working late, but in the meantime since it's lighter longer these days, perhaps we can turn off the main hall lights on sunny days AFTER students have left.  (When it get's dark, I use it as a reminder that it's time for me to head's all about balance. ) 

Legislative Update - Should you be interested, here's the most recent Legislative Update.

Afterschool Club - So afterschool club starts THIS Wed. again for 5 weeks.  Please see me if you'd like to help with this.  

Happening this Week: 
  • Mon., March 20 - 
    • Library/Media Tech in MPR - Please bring tech with you.  (Gr. K, 3-6 only)
    • EST Meeting - 3 - 4 PM
  • Wed., March 22 - 
    • WUMS Parent Night
    • RES Board Meeting 6 PM
  • Thurs., March 23 - CPR - 3:30 - 7:30 PM
  • Fri., March 24 - Pay Day
     Mark Your Calendar/Upcoming Events: 
    • Thurs., March 30 - Fri., Mar. 31 - PBIS Meeting
    • Fri., March 31, End of Term 3 
    • Sun., April 9 - PTO CSA Soup Dinner
    Thoughts to Ponder:


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