Dear Tireless Staff,

The conference that I was blessed to attend last week in Greensboro, NC, was life-changing.  I was with 46 other principals from Vermont and it's always so interesting to hear other's dilemmas.  We have our challenge with Act 46, but we are so blessed in countless other ways.  We are so blessed that we have a community and families who support us.  The Town Meeting yesterday may have had some negative viewpoints, but overall it was supportive.  The School Budget for next year passed 69 yes to 14 no's.  

KUDOS to STAFF Who "Stepped Up":  
  • Beth Ann for helping Sat. at the Town Meeting by her daughter providing child care and Beth Ann for bringing coffee and donut holes to help me.
  • All of you who provided stability on Thurs.
  • Jen for her assistance with NAEP!
  • Pam for working with the 3rd graders during the NAEP test!  
  • Shajen for coming in on Monday to help cover in my absence!  
Important Items to Know:

March 6, 2017 Inservice Day - 
Inservice with Aimee and the 3-6 teachers will be held at WES.
Please bring a bag lunch.  

From Aimee Toth: 3-6 March 6 Inservice

Between now and March 6, please prepare the following to bring to the inservice

  • Please use 2 shorter unleveled complex texts (ex.Read Works, Newsela, or other articles that are accessible) with 2 different levels of readers in your class.  Collect informal running records on the articles as well as Writing About Reading samples in response to the reading
  • A video of a small group Book Club/Literature Discussion as well as the text you were using .  Please make sure you can hear audio in the video.
  • 2 complex text articles or books that would be suitable for your grade level that connects to a Science unit you’ve been developing
  • Your Continuum of Literacy Learning
---What makes a text complex?  Examining the level distinctions to level unleveled text. 5 strategies for stronger formative assessment.
--Applying 5 strategies to design an Interactive Read Aloud in science.

Video of Literature Circle discussing Beyond and About the Text and planning for next steps based on our data.

Inservice with Kathy and the K-2 teachers will be at WCSU.
Please bring a bag lunch. 
From Kathy Ernst:  
I'm looking forward to working with you all on Monday at the WCSU conference room from 8:30-3!  Here are our goals for the day:

1.  Input data from the winter PMAs onto class summary sheets
2.  Discuss questions and feedback about the winter PMA
3.  Discuss Spring PMA Grade 1 and Grade 2 Computational Fluency tasks (on map)
4.  Learn about addition and subtraction problem types and how to teach them

Please bring:
1.  A bag lunch
2.  Your PMA binders, bins, and winter student assessments
3.  Your questions about math teaching, learning, curriculum, etc.!

Power Outages - When I'm away, I'm in constant contact with the school.  I am alerted by Green Mtn. Power whenever there is a power outage, so I was communicating with the school Thurs. morning while the outage was occurring.  In the future, if the power goes out:  learning continues and the Principal will determine and announce if school is closing after all facts have been considered.  Thank you for trusting me to make the decisions necessary to keep us all safe - I take it very seriously.  

1st Aid/CPR  Class - We will seven openings for an Adult/Pediatric 1st Aid/CPR class being taught here at Reading Elem. Thurs., Mar. 16, and next Thurs., March 23, from 3:30 - 7:30 PM.  We will provide light snacks during the break and there is no cost to you.  Please let Libbet know if you're available to attend this class.  

Happening this Week: 
  • Sun., March 5 - Mama Mia Bistro 4 - 7 PM
  • Mon., March 6 - Inservice at SU for Math AND Literacy
  • Tues., March 7 - NO School
  • Wed., March 8 - Afterschool Programs & Tutoring 2:45 - 5 PM
  • Thurs., March 9 - 
    • Aimee Toth here
  • Fri., March 10 - 
    • Last Ski Runners
    • Beth Ann at SU for SIS Committee
    • Payday
 Mark Your Calendar/Upcoming Events: 
  • Sun., March 12 - Daylight Savings Time - "Spring Ahead"
  • Mon., March 13 
    • Staff Meeting 3 -4 PM
    • SOAK Registration opens
  • Tues., March 14 - 
    • VINS Visits K/Pre K
    • RES Band Students at WUHS for Band Performance
  • Wed., March 15
    • Gr. 3/4 Swim Lessons
    • Trauma Webinar
    • RES Board 6 PM
  • Thurs., March 16
    • Beth Ann at SIS 12 - 2 PM
    • 1st Aid - 3:30 - 7:30 PM
  • Mon., March 20 - 
    • EST - Tentative
  • Wed., March 22 - WUMS Parent Night
  • Thurs., March 23 - CPR - 3:30 - 7:30 PM
  • Fri., March 24 - Pay Day
  • Sun., March 26 - PTO CSA Soup Dinner
  • Mon., March 27 - Paul B. here visiting
  • Thurs., March 30 - Fri., Mar. 31 - PBIS Meeting
  • Fri., March 31, End of Term 3 
Thoughts to Ponder:


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