Dear Dedicated and Hardworking Staff,

Hope your weekend was productive and rejuvenating!  I'm so proud to work with such an AMAZING, CARING STAFF!

KUDOS to STAFF Who "Stepped Up":  
  • Patty and Jenn for volunteering to help with lunch duty while Cathy was away.
  • All of you who are flexible and do whatever it takes to help a child succeed! 
  • Everyone who handed out band-aids and water to students instead of sending them down to Teacher Libbet. 
Important Items to Know:

CONCERNS - We all have big hearts and nothing but the best of intentions.  RES only has a .80 principal, so I am not here one day a week USUALLY. Last week was an unusual week because I had 2 SU Admin. days.  

I have instructed Libbet to call me if there is a need in my absence. Supporting RES staff and students in my absence is my priority. IF there is something that comes up and it's "important" but not urgent, please add it to the Staff Meeting Agenda and we will discuss it as a group. If you are not here for the Staff Meeting, we welcome your thoughts/presence via Skype, Google Hangout, Google Docs, etc. If you've got an idea, suggestion, or need to vent, please e-mail me directly, text me, call me on my cell, etc. If it's URGENT, then call me and I'll be there. (I think there's a few songs with those lyrics.) I missed you'all last week and I'm sorry if my absence created any inconveniences.

SUPERINTENDENT VISIT -On Fri., Sept. 30, Alice Worth will be visiting RES in the morning. We will be visiting all classrooms throughout the morning. I know she'll see great learning!

GUIDANCE COUNSELOR UPDATE - We welcome Shajen (pronounced Cheyenne)  Lichtenstein as our new guidance counselor to our team.   She will be here this week Monday and Thursday, but will normally work Wed. and Thurs.  We are very lucky to have such a qualified counselor on our staff.  

SPECIALS TEACHERS - I would like to meet with each specials teacher this week during your normal 5/6 class period - 12:55 - 1:15. (Lisa, I will call you that day during that time.)

WALKTHROUGHS - As you know, I'm always popping in and out of your classrooms. I'll be stopping by this week and hanging out in your classrooms doing written walkthroughs. We will meet briefly within 48 hours to discuss the great teaching I saw!

EMERGENCY LESSON PLANS - SUBSTITUTE BINDERS - Emergencies happen. Your "emergency" subs plans are just that, for the times when you plan to be here, but due to weather, accident, etc. you aren't at the last minute. Please complete binders by Friday, September 30, 3 PM and either store them in Cathy's office or in your room but let Cathy know where they are. They should include, but not be limited to, your daily and weekly schedule - duties, classroom procedures, and at least two days of activities/lessons that can be done in your absence.

PBIS - I am looking for a few folks willing to work with me on revitalizing the PBIS program at RES. I know you are all busy, so won't take too much of your time. Please e-mail Cathy if you can help. 

RES COMMUNITY YARD SALE - Beth Ann has already stepped up and gotten this advertised in the Informer. If you'd like to be part of the planning committee for this event, please let Beth ann or Cathy know. You'all already put in so much time for your classes, I hesitate to ask anyone to "volunteer." I really appreciate all the time you dedicate to our students!
Happening this Week:
  • Mon., Sept. 26 
    • Cathy teaching Library Media/Tech. today
    • Gr. 5/6 - Web of Life Field Trip
  • Tues., Sept. 27 - 
    • Cathy "OFF" 
    • Lisa not in - at Web of Life Program - Sub in for Art
    • Gr. 5/6 - Web of Life Field Trip
  • Wed., Sept. 28 - 
    • Gr. 5/6 - Web of Life Field Trip
    • 6:30 PM - Act 46 Study Committee WCSU 
  • Thurs., Sept. 29  - 
    • Gr. 5/6 - Web of Life Field Trip
  • Fri., Sept. 30 - EMERGENCY Sub plans due to Cathy
 Mark Your Calendar/Upcoming Events: 
  • Mon., Oct. 3 - 2:50 - 3:45 PM - STAFF Meeting - Gr. 5/6 Classroom
  • Tues., Oct. 4 - Cathy "OFF"  
  • Wed., Oct. 5 - 4 - 6 PM - Cathy at VPA Principal's Meeting in Dummerston
  • Thurs., Oct. 6 - 
    • Cathy at WCSU Admin Team 8:30 - 3 PM
    • 5:30 - 7 PM Back to School Night
  • Fri., Oct. 7 - Payday
  • Sat., Oct. 8 - RES Yard Sale
  • Mon., Oct. 10 - NO SCHOOL - Inservice Day
  • Thurs., Oct. 13 - 
    • Cathy "OFF"
    • Aimee Toth here
  • Mon, Oct. 17 - 7 PM PTO Meeting
  • Wed., Oct. 19 - 
    • School Picture Day - THIS IS A CHANGE!
    • 6 PM - Board Meeting
  • Thurs., Oct. 20 - Cathy "OFF"
  • Sat., Oct. 22 - Cathy at Keyboarding Workshop in Portland, Maine  
  • Fri., Oct. 28 - End of Term 1!!! 
Thoughts to Ponder:


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