Dear Dedicated Staff,

Unbelievable -  only 11 1/2 student days left!  Let's be present with our students and ENJOY the time with them - this is the time for memory making.  Let's remember to breathe and cherish the time with them AND each other!  

Here's an interesting thought from Eric Jensen who was a keynote speaker at a Vermont's Principal's Conference last summer.  For those of you who want to know more about Eric Jenson's Brain-Based Teaching, you can learn more HERE.  

KUDOS to STAFF Who "Stepped Up":  
  • Jen and Pam for their work organizing the flag remembrance for Memorial Day.
  • Pam for providing me pictures for the blog of the event and of her class!  
  • Sherry for being so flexible and understanding about helping cover the holes!
  • Beth Ann for inviting us to come to her room to be part of their celebration of their writing projects!  
Important Items to Know:   

DRIVER LIST - Please provide your driver's list 24 hr. in advance to Libbet.  IF a driver changes, work with the office to find coverage.  The office does their best to try and NOT pull paraeducators or subs knowing that they are scheduled elsewhere.  IF its our last option, then we appreciate teacher's flexibility in doing without that assistance.  In many multi-level grades in the SU, there are not paras available on a daily basis.  We are thankful that we have professional, competent staff who can roll with changes without a negative word or complaint!  

GUIDANCE CANDIDATE - The guidance candidate will be coming BACK to work with the students on Thurs. & Fri. where we can observe her interacting with the students.   I have shared with you a Google Doc with you to have your class meet with her.  Please write in your class name for a time.  Thanks!  

END OF YEAR EVENTS - If you're planning anything special with your class as the year comes to a close, please keep the lines of communication open and let the office know before things occur.  

PROFESSIONAL EVALUATIONS - I need to meet with each of you briefly to review your summates and goals for next year.   Please find a time NEXT week that we can meet.  I shared a Google Doc with you for that schedule.  Thanks to those who have already signed up AND already turned in your goals/summative!   

PBIS CELEBRATIONS - School-wide celebrations  are planned to celebration reaching our "respect" goals. The student council will be coming around to announce the pending events in your rooms - please let them announce them!   Please encourage your classes as they celebrate each letter AND continue to give out "respect tiles."     Here is the schedule of events:
  • Wed., May 31
    • "R" - "Ridiculous Hat" - please allow students to wear their hats so long as they are not distracting to learning.
    • "E" Extra Recess - Please build in 10 min. extra recess today for your class.  Perhaps combine several classes?  
  • Thurs., June 1
    • "S" - Slipper Day" - students should wear normal shoes outside for recess.  
    • "P" - Pajama Day - students can wear appropriate pj's ALL day.
  • Tues., June 6
    • "E" - Extra buddy day - students should bring in their favorite stuffed animal to carry all day.  
    • "C" - Crazy hair day - students can wear their hair however they want to today.
  • Fri.., June 9 -
    • "T" - Time to crunch - popcorn or pretzels during our final CELEBRATION!
    • 1 - 2:30 PM- "MOVIE" time in the multipurpose room.  Please bring bean bags, comfy chairs, etc. for students to watch a school-wide movie.
Happening this Week: 
  • Mon., May 29 - NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day
  • Tues., May 30 -
    • Cathy HERE since Jean is "off"
    • Paul B. here
    • Jean NOT here
    • 1/2 - Jr. Ranger 8 - 2:30 PM
    • Student council meets 11:30-11:45 AM
    • 9 AM - New Pre-K 3 Parent visits 
  • Wed., May 31
    • Jean here all day
    • Cathy "off" since Jean is here today instead
  • Thurs., June 1 - 
    • Cathy at Admin Team 11 - 2
    • PK Swimming
    • Patty off
  • Fri., June 2 - 
    • 1/2 - Jr. Ranger 8 - 2:30 PM
    • 12:30 - 2:30 PM - Gr. 5/6 Swimming 
    • Payday
    • PK 3 Swimming
    • Teacher visitor, Amy F. observing classrooms 
     Mark Your Calendar/Upcoming Events: 
    • Mon., June 5
      • Gr. 1/2 Swimming 8 - 11 AM
      • K Picnic in Weathersfield 11 AM
      • K 12:30 - 2:30 PM
      • Library MPR - Please bring technology Gr. K, 3-6.
      • Staff Meeting 3 -4 PM
    •  Tues., June 6
      • VINS visits Pre-K, K
      • Cathy "off"
    • Wed., June 7 - 
      • Libbet at Spring Census Training 10-12
      • Pre-K/K Field Trip to Montshire Museum
      • 2:30 PM - 504 Meeting - Check your schedule.  
      • RES PTO 6 PM
    • Fri., June 9 - End of Term 4
    • Mon., June 12 - 
      • Gr. 1/2 Jr. Rangers & Camp Drinker
      • K - Bon Voyage 1 -2:30
    • Tues., June 13 - 6th Gr. Ceremony 1-2 PM
    • Wed., June 14 - 
      • Step-Up Day for Gr. 6 - they are not in building that day.
      • Picnic lunch for students.  
      • Last Day for Students - Noon Dismissal
      • Teachers in classrooms for afternoon
    • Thurs., June 15 - Teacher Work Day - Staff Retreat - Location TBA
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