PRINCIPAL' S BLOG TO STAFF - Sun., Oct. 23, 2016

Dear Dedicated and Hardworking Staff,

The rain was refreshing and its certainly cooled off!   Hope you had some down time for you!

KUDOS to STAFF Who "Stepped Up":  
  • Kathi for all her work organizing the swimming for Pre-K!
  • Lisa K. for all her work with the Lavender Sachets & Pumpkins!
  • All of you who helped out with the Leaf Peeper's Breakfast!
Important Items to Know:

Parent Conferences - I am so surprised that there is no "day" for conferences here at the SU. I am happy to support you in anyway to make sure your days are not too long. Please make a Google Doc and share it with me of when your conferences are planned AND if they happen. Please let me know if you want me to join you in any of them. I am happy to get a sub so you can come in "late" or I will be happy to do a tech lesson with your students so you can meet with parents during the late afternoon. PLEASE let me know how I can support you through this busy time. Remember to take care of YOU and pace yourself.

Tech Issues - If you have a "tech" issue - please contact me first. I have a list of "things to try" before I contact Raph for assistance.

Budget 2017-18- It's that time of year. We all need to be unusually conservative this year. Please complete your form and return to me by Wed. I will share it with you on Google Docs. Thank you.

Specials in your Classroom - When specials happen in your classroom, feel free to use the principal's, nurse's, or guidance office for your planning time. Its an inconvenience for teachers to be "outpaced" during specials, but it creates a different "special" for the teacher and students if the regular classroom teacher is present. Thanks for helping us all enjoy the small time spaces we share with the students!

Keyboarding without Tears  - The workshop I attended in Portland, Maine was very helpful and I look forward to sharing the activities with your students and you.  Accounts and passwords are being set up by Mrs. Knight.  Licenses should be in during the next week. 

PE - Greg has informed me that he has soccer team playoffs and will need to leave early on Wed.  He will let me know specifics tomorrow, so I will adjust his schedule and let you know.  It will primarily affect the afternoon classes.  

Classroom Sign-In/Out Sheets - Just a reminder to have every student sign in and out when they leave the classroom.   We've had some issues in the restroom and its easier to track the source with the sign-in sheets.

EAP - One of our underused, but valuable benefits from VEHI, is the "Employee Assistance Program."  Employee Assistance is available to all staff for counseling, assistance with legal or financial issues and its completely confidential.  With the stress of elections and Act 46, this is a FREE service available to us. Please call 1-866-660-9533.  

Math PD Info. - Gr. K-2 - November 17th PMA PD changed to January 10 - 3:30-5:30 PM

Happening this Week:
  • Mon., Oct. 24 - 
    • Library/Media - will happen in your classrooms.
    • 3:30 - 5:30 PM - Gr. K-2 Teachers - Math with Kathy Ernst - WCSU Conf. Room
  • Tues., Oct. 25 - 
    • Cathy "off"
  • Wed., Oct. 26- 
    • Kathi F. off in A.M.  Guidance Lessons today
    • Aimee Toth meeting with Jen & Patty
    • Guidance Classes today!
    • 3 -4 PM IEP Meeting - Check your schedule.
  • Thurs., Oct. 27  -
    • Guidance classes today
    • Cathy in at 10  - appt. in the morning
    • Pre-K Swimming - 4 yr. old
  • Fri., Oct. 28 - 
    • Beth Ann off 
    • Richard doing Budget Input with Cathy 8-10 AM
    • Pre-K Swimming - 3 yr. olds
    • End of Term 1
    • 12:30 PM Assembly Gr. K - 6 - Jazz Performance in Cafeteria
  • Sat., Oct. 29 - Halloween Event at Town Hall
 Mark Your Calendar/Upcoming Events: 
  • Tues., Nov. 1 - 8 -  Dennis "OFF"
  • Thurs. Nov. 3 - 
    • Cathy at Admin. Meeting - 7:30 - 3 PM Woodstock
    • SPED EPT 2:30 - 3:30
  • Fri., Nov. 4 - Pam Boyer-Sheldon off
    • PAYDAY!
  • Sat., Nov. 5 - Heather & Cathy at KAF for Baking Course!  
  • Tues., Nov. 8 - AOE EQR Field Review visitors here 11:30 - 3:30 PM
  • Wed., Nov. 9 - AOE EQR Field Review visitors here 8:00 - 11:30 AM
  • Thurs., Nov. 10 - School Picture Day - THIS IS A CHANGE!
  • Fri., Nov. 11 - NO SCHOOL - Veteran's Day
  • Sat., Nov. 12 - Cathy at UVM class - Montpelier
  • Tues., Nov. 15 - Reading Elem. Act 46 Community Form 6 - 8 PM
  • Wed., Nov. 16 - 6 PM - Reading School Board Meeitng
  • Thurs., Nov. 17 - Cathy "off"
  • Fri., Nov. 18 - Pie Baking
  • Sat., Nov. 19 - Pie Sale
  • Tues., Nov. 22 - 
    • Alice Worth visits again
    • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Wed., Nov. 23 - Fri., Nov. 25 - SCHOOL CLOSED - THANKSGIVING
  • Tues., Nov. 29 - Cathy "off"
  • Thurs., Dec. 1 - 
    • Cathy at WCSU Team Meeting
  • Fri., Dec. 2 - Payday
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