Dear Loving Staff,

I know many of you spent the weekend working on report cards.  Thank you!  Report cards will be printed Monday and go home on Wed.  I would like to review all report cards BEFORE they go home.  Specials teachers, please get your grades in by Monday at noon.  Thanks!  

KUDOS to STAFF Who "Stepped Up":  
  • Sherry for subbing in Pre-K when we were short a sub!
  • Elaine for being the staff point person and transport at Ski Runners.  
Important Items to Know:

Technology Survey - Please complete the attached for our Technology Committee ASAP.

New Students - On Monday, two students will be joining our school (but perhaps temporarily.)  The family is living with one of our student's families and is looking for affordable housing.  Camden will be in 2nd grade, and Linnie will be in the Kindergarten class.  

Mindfulness - Begins Monday at school.  The schedule was sent to you last week.  Please be present with the instructor while she is in your class.  

Guidance/Speech/O.T. Appointments - If a student has a scheduled time with the counselor, please excuse them at the allotted time even if you are doing something in the class that you believe they should stay for.  If there is an EST or IEP in place with that service time stipulated, we must adhere to those weekly appointments.  It is also not dependent on "good or bad" behavior.  It's a needed service or it shouldn't be in the plan.  Thanks for supporting the student and helping them catch up on whatever they might miss.  

Afterschool Programs -  These continue this week.  Details can be found in the parents blog.  Many thanks to those of you who agreed to provide an after-school program - please check out this LINK.  

Happening this Week: 
  • Mon., Jan. 23 - 
    • NO EST Meeting 
    • Birthday celebration (a month late) for Pam B.!  
    • Mindfulness begins in classrooms - check schedule e-mailed to you.
    • Board Meeting 6 PM
  • Tues., Jan. 24 - 
    • Cathy "off"
    • Amy Toth here  
  • Wed., Jan. 25 - 
    • Report cards go home.  Copies to Libbet please.
    • Afterschool 2:45 - 5 PM  
  • Thurs., Jan. 26 - 
    • Cathy meets with HCRS Rep. - 10:30 AM
    • Dreambox Webinar - 3 PM
  • Fri., Jan. 27 - 
    • Visit by Fire Inspector 8 AM 
    • Payday
    • Ski Runners
 Mark Your Calendar/Upcoming Events: 
  • Thurs., Feb. 2 - Math PD
  • Fri., Feb. 3 - Math PD, Ski Runners
  • Mon., Feb. 6 - Staff Meeting
  • Tues., Feb. 7 - VINS visits Pre-K/K
  • Wed., Feb. 8 - Admin. Walkthrough here at RES
  • Mon., Feb. 13 - EST
  • Wed., Feb. 15 - RES Board
  • Thurs., Feb. 16 - Aimee Both here
  • Mon., Feb. 20 - Fri., Feb. 24
  • Mon., Feb. 27 - Shajen will be here
  • Tues., Feb. 28 - Jean will be here
  • Wed., March. 1 - Gr. 4 - NAEP Test
  • Fri., March 3 - NO Ski Runners
  • Sat., March 4 - Town Meeting
  • Mon., March 6 - Inservice at SU for Math
  • Tues., March 7 - NO School
  • Wed., March 8 - Cathy at WES for Admin. Walkthrough
  • Thurs., March 9 - Aimee Both here
  • Fri., March 10 - Last Ski Runners
Thoughts to Ponder:


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